CPP has embraced HSE in the core value following PDCA management model to establish HSE policy aligning with the corporate vision to be top contractor in the world.

HSE Policy

People-oriented, prevention-focused, implementation by all staff, continuous improvement

HSE Objective 

Zero injury, zero pollution, zero accident

Promise to the Society and Employees

1. Adhere to safe and clean development, take responsibility to build pipelines that can be trusted, and take economic, legal and social responsibility.

2. Never sacrifice health, public interest or environment in for the pursuit of economic interest.

3. The leaders at all levels shall take the lead in the exemplary role of HSE commitment, the core force to promote sustained and effective implementation of HSE management system.

4. HSE holds priority in decision-making. Consider HSE requirements firstly undertaking all work and invest sustained capital and resource for HSE practices.

5. Take total safety education and training for all employees and total risk identification and control as important means of HSE management to improve the skills and risk awareness of staff to control the risks to an acceptable level.

6. Make unremitting efforts to foster a good HSE culture to achieve self-management.

No matter when and where, our attitude remains the same.

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